It’s Not About You

If you’re a business manager or owner operator it’s easy to feel as though the success or failure of your team is all up to you. Often people in these management roles even feel as though they’re unable to delegate tasks because they’re the only ones who can do it quickly enough, or can ensure that it gets done correctly. Not surprisingly, this approach is a sure path to overworked bosses, inefficient staff, and a sub-optimal experience for your customers. Think of your team’s skill set as a pyramid, Soft skills training is how you build a solid foundation for your team, and give them the resources they need to support the upper levels.

Sue is a leading business consultant with over twenty years experience in business coaching and internal procedure development. She has helped businesses of all sizes address a variety of issues, you might say she’s the very model of a modern business consultant. Find out more in her bio, or connect with her on LinkedIn

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