About Sue

Sue has been a successful business consultant for more than 20 years, working in close partnership with a variety of both high profile corporations and small to medium business.

Located in Albany in Western Australia, she's very family oriented, invests a lot of time in community groups, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in all things business. Whilst raising a family of seven children, Sue was studying to become a qualified accountant and tax consultant. In 1993 she started her own accounting firm working with local small to medium businesses as a tax accountant and business consultant. Since then the firm has grown to employ four senior accountants and has taken on a life of it's own.

Whilst Sue still provides accountant services on a part time basis, her true passion has become training and coaching others. Sue has always been highly invested in local church and other community groups, where she learned the finer points of business networking and public speaking. In addition, she spent many years as a part time lecturer in tax legislation, allowing her to develop a engaging presentation skills.

All presentations and workshops are completely customisable, such that we can deliver excellent return on your investment by focusing on those issues, which are critical to your team's success.

Sue's leadership training, corporate team development exercises, and conflict resolution workshops are warmly regarded as some of the best in the business

Sue Wheatcroft