Exceptional Customer Service

How often do we experience service that is exceptional in our daily lives? What impression does it make?

It is no longer good enough to just deliver "good" customer service. The bar has been raised and now every member of your organisation has to deliver service that is outstanding. This course helps you to understand why service is so important and it gives you the crucial tips and skills required to deliver world-class service and grow existing client relationships.


 Managing Difficult and Demanding Customer Situations

How often have you thought back and wished you had been able to handle a tricky customer in a better way?

This course provides the skills to be able to react calmly and positively with difficult customers by looking at the causes of the difficult behaviour and the tools to diffuse it. Delegates will learn how to engage their "professional brain" and adapt their service styles appropriately rather than taking things personally and getting embroiled in an argument.


 Assertiveness at Work

Have you ever wished you had handled a difficult situation better?

Be more effective, positive and competent in the work place. Understand the benefits of assertive behaviour and know how to recognise aggressive and submissive actions in yourself and others. You will learn how to say no effectively, give and receive criticism and deal with fear.


 Time Management

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do and not sure where to start?

This course gives you the tools to regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more effectively. You will learn how to prioritise intelligently, be able to say no assertively, delegate confidently and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Learn all the tricks that help you manage paper, be efficient electronically and have personal systems that work.


 Business Writing

What impression is your writing giving of you or your entire organisation.

Do you think carefully before phrasing a message that had to be negative? Learn the 20% of techniques that are going to make 80% of the difference to the way you write. This course gives you the toolkit to communicate effectively in business. It includes practical exercises on how to plan and structure your writing, put the content across in an appropriate tone and use the correct style and punctuation. Your writing is permanent – make sure it is a positive impression you are leaving

 Introduction to Supervision and Leadership

Do you consider the role of team leader to be a challenging one?

This course builds your skills and confidence. Learn the skill so many managers have never been taught and had to learn the hard way. You will learn to set goals for the team, motivate and develop your team to continuously improve performance and handle difficult situations decisively.


 Savvy Selling Skills

Do you sometimes wish selling could just be easier?

This course gives new sales people a solid understanding and foundation of the sales process. It also gives current sales people useful tools and techniques if they are looking to give their current style more structure or polish. Learn the entire process from writing your professional script all the way through features and benefit and handling objections to closing the sale.



Are potential clients not even giving you 30 seconds to hear you out?

This course is a perfect blend of the aspect necessary to be professional on the telephone along with understanding the sales process and all the elements required to make a successful telesales call.Leave the course with a written script to get the customer to want to hear what you have to say. Be able to handle objections and effectively close the sale on the telephone.


 Telephone Perfection

Do you feel confident you could control a really difficult caller professionally?

The first person a client speaks to is the most important person in your organisation! Most people have never been taught how to really use the telephone professionally and effectively. This course teaches all those working with a telephone how to use active listening techniques to understand the customers needs, how to control the conversation and diffuse anger and give the call direction with difficult callers.


 Communication Excellence

Do you know the difference between powerful and submissive language? Which do you tend to use?

The way you interact with others can be the key to workplace success. Whether you want to develop rapport with others to manage challenging relationships, your style and interpersonal competence can make or break your chances of successful achievement. This course will fine tune your existing skills and help you to communicate with real impact.


 Negotiation Know How

Learn how to get the edge in business with your staff being top-notch negotiators.

Negotiation skills are an integral part of life, especially in business. It's essential that your staff are able to close deals that are right for your company. Delegates to this course will learn strategies and planning for effective negotiations. Better negotiation skills mean better deals . . . and a better bottom line